I search for freedom and wisdom.

I hope for good nights and days

for clean water and air

for good earth

nourishing food



respect for all.

I wish for cordiality.

I dream about recovering the memory of who we are


how to live in a good way

in harmony with all

with others

with ourselves

with the universe

with Life.

I am inspired by the things I have seen

the beauty of reality


the magic of energy.

I do art that heals

that helps me to remember and forget

that makes me feel happy and thankful

for being who I am,

for being alive.

I transform.

I create art along creating myself.

Touching the fibers,

the cells hardened or weakened

to help them to vibrate and shine.

Sacred Masters show me and inspire me,

helping me to understand things that I always wanted to know


Who am I?

What am I doing here?

What is this place where I am living?

Painting with these plant medicines, these sacred medicines, the plants of the gods,

has made me clean, heal and expand my energy, body, feelings and mind.

They have helped me to remember what is essential


step after step

showed me around so I can decide

action by action

what to do


My Life. Art Thorough Medicine

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