3 Steps of Me

Estela De Colores


Full of movement and learning. Going to school, helping at home, dancing, playing. learning about life. Growing under a strong catholic influence, dominant male supremacy, and permanent economical limitations. Time passed and dancing, acting and teaching become my profession. Happy with my self determination, curious about the nature of things and wondering how the universe works.


The stillness, being a quiet witness. Physical injuries took me to a place of no movement, no dancing, still traveling but carrying a painful heavy body. My mind also stopped. Searching for health I found sacred medicines that changed my perception of reality. Away from what I knew, from society, I began to watch the natural world, to understand it better and enjoy it. Learning about life, death and transformation. The less I moved the more I painted, and my life became full of color. The less I thought the more I understood, and my spirit smiled.


From a distance and inside, from everywhere and everything, from everybody and no one. Singing from the silence of the heart. Dancing again, full body movement. Painting as much as I can. Writing, a little bit of this, a little bit of that. I breathe, I dream, I live. I’m just a poet of creation. I just see and hear things, feel them. A few words, music, lots of silence, a bunch of shapes, shadows and colors fill my life. With everyone on Earth and everyone in the Sky…

I’m just a simple woman walking on the Red Road Path…

I’m just a simple woman walking my way in the Stars.


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