Trying to understand the present I looked into the past and found ancient ways of living; through them, I end up recognizing myself as a creature of the
Earth and among the Cosmos.

Following the trails of blood and genes that I got from my parents their parents and their parents, till the beginning of mankind and still before. I
realized that thanks to them, thanks to that evolution, I am right here, right now… living.

I understood that, at some time, all this is going to change… just that, change. That change called Death. The return and the transformation. No hell or
heaven. Paradise, Tamoanchan, is here, where all the elements have come together so we can exist.

New paintings, prints and family pictures on the Altar told the story among objects from common life. With the essential presence of the water, the
seeds, the tobacco. Light and fire. Stone and clay warriors. The image, the color, the word, the dance, the music, the vibration…the people. We had live
painting and a family art day. We did the 13 Dances 4 Resurrection, Satya, Lyndsey, KC, me and the friends that came to witness. For the closing
ceremony we had the presence of an elder medicine woman, she spoke to us about creativity, tradition, energy, ancient ways, and many interesting
stories. I spoke about my art.

acostada swirl-dressAltar in Yurt painted-face

 yurt-altar 3-at-altar-wlogo

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